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Простая машина для обработки заготовок

Простая машина непрерывного литья заготовок - это литейное оборудование, независимо разработанное компанией Huaxin. Оборудование отличается небольшими размерами, простой установкой и легким обслуживанием. Оборудование широко используется в небольших литейных цехах.

What is simple CCM (Simple Billet Making Machine)

Simple continuous casting machine is a casting equipment independently developed by Huaxin Company. The equipment has the characteristics of small size, simple installation and easy maintenance. The equipment is widely used in small foundries. The simple continuous casting machine can be used for the production of medium frequency induction furnaces with a volume of 500 kg to 3 tons. Can produce round billet or square billet from 60MM to 200MM. Length ranges from 60mm MM to 1500MM. The equipment uses the latest design of high-quality copper pipes, which can guarantee a life of 2,000 tons, reducing customer investment. At the same time, the equipment has a simple cooling method and low water consumption, which can achieve energy saving and emission reduction

The advantage of simple CCM

1.Efficient and energy-saving cooling crystallizer, multi-size cast billet adjustable crystallizer general technology, permanent hard pipe articulated water intake.

  1. High-precision extruded copper tube, with good life, simple and convenient replacement
  2. The ingot is released by gravity, the bar material automatically falls off, reducing the use of mechanical equipment, saving electricity and energy
  3. Large-channel high-speed circulating water, express cooling, difficult to retain scale
  4. Inside the copper tube of the mold, with special design taper and chrome plating treatment, it is not easy to cause adhesion
  5. The product is easy to form, fully enclosed casting, the product has less air bubbles, can be directly used for continuous casting and rolling, the product production efficiency is high, suitable for small casting enterprises
  6. Manual ladle pouring once in place. The operation is simple and convenient. Compared with the traditional crane crane, the tapping temperature is reduced by more than 150 degrees, which greatly extends the service life of refractory


станок для обработки заготовок

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