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The unique design process adopted by Huaxin electric induction melting furnace makes it have many advantages compared with traditional electric furnace:

Alloy flexibility

There is an inherent feature of the electric furnace that we call “alloy flexibility”. Any

Standard alloys can be obtained just by emptying and reloading the furnace. When using a larger coreless furnace, producers can expand wrought and malleable iron as well as various grades of gray iron at will.

Melting of thin waste

Coreless induction furnaces are ideal for adding low-cost scrap such as punching and boring, as well as thin scrap iron that is not suitable for cupola operation. As a result of the electromagnetic force, the electric furnace can ensure that the metal is completely evenly melted.

Low-cost furnace lining and quick replacement

The fact that the optional hydraulic lining push-out part can ensure that the lining replacement is completed within 1 or 2 days means that the furnace can be replaced during weekend downtime.

Cold feed start

The coreless furnace can realize the cold furnace start of the equipment, which has the characteristics of simple operation and convenience.

Small molten pool size

The higher the frequency, the smaller the furnace may be. Therefore, by carefully selecting the frequency/furnace relationship, the furnace specifications can be accurately adapted to the working requirements.

Faster response

The ability to impose a high power density on a relatively small amount of molten pool (as opposed to a typical industrial frequency furnace large molten pool) can accelerate the production time of individual melting without increasing the basic production cost.

Adjust metallographic analysis faster

Due to the mixing device, low-capacity molten pool and high power density, coreless induction melting gives the founder the best speed and accuracy to control the characteristics of the molten metal.

High temperature alloy and vacuum melting

The melting and treatment processes of special super alloys are commonly used in coreless furnaces. The resulting temperature and environmental conditions are not available in other melting methods.