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The Reasons for leakage of induction furnace lining

The medium frequency furnace is a device for melting metal.  Its heating temperature is as high as 1700 degrees. If the lining of the furnace is damaged, broken or leaked, and the hot metal up to 1700 degrees flows outside the furnace body, the consequences are unimaginable. Not only will the equipment be damaged, but it may even cause serious personal injury.

We have summarized the reasons for the leakage of the induction furnace lining for your reference.

The lining and drying process is not standardized. Such lining is unqualified at the beginning, which will greatly reduce the service life of the lining and cause furnace leakage.

The medium frequency melting furnace is used for too long, the thickness of the lining becomes thin, and cracks occur. If it is not checked in time, it will cause molten steel to leak from the cracks and destroy the lining.

The thermal expansion and contraction of the furnace lining easily cause cracks in the lining, reducing the service life of the lining. This requires good cooling of the equipment, and the cooling circulating water pump must be turned off after the lining has cooled.

The molten metal liquid was not poured out in time. After cooling, the molten solidified in the furnace body, the metal was heated again and expanded rapidly, and the extrusion of the furnace lining caused cracks.