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Prohibited matters during the operation of the medium frequency furnace

There are some strictly prohibited operations in the operation of the medium frequency melting furnace. These actions may cause the furnace to explode or cause life injury accidents, which is very dangerous.

  1. In the operation of the medium frequency smelting furnace, the damp charge and solvent are added to the high-temperature furnace, and the hot metal may explode when it encounters the damp charge.
  2. During the melting of the furnace, it is found that the lining of the smelting furnace is seriously damaged, if the melting continues, is very likely to cause a furnace leakage and furnace accident;
  3. When feeding material into the furnace, it is strictly forbidden to make a strong mechanical impact on the lining, which may cause damage to the lining;
  4. When the cooling system is not running or the cooling water flow is not enough, it is strictly prohibited to start the medium frequency melting furnace;
  5. It is strictly forbidden to start and operate the induction furnace without the furnace body being grounded;
  6. When the power supply is energized, forbidden to charge, ram the solid charge, add a large number of alloys, measure the temperature, and remove the slag. If it is indeed necessary to carry out the above-mentioned operations with power on, appropriate safety measures should be adopted, such as wearing insulating shoes or asbestos gloves, and turning down the power.
  7. Do not add tubular or hollow charge to the medium frequency smelting furnace. This is due to the rapid expansion of the air, which may cause an explosion.
  8. Keep the pit in front of the furnace dry, no moisture and damp objects